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Actual Online Specials

Purposeful Leadership – one hour of online energy refill

Why – The Reason you want to be with us

One Hour to reconnect with Yourself. Karola and Berangere open their online room to offer one hour of calming down, being in the moment and reflect on all the overwhelming things that approach us every day.

purposeful leadership – your office break in troubled times, online

When – The Date

Our first appointment is on April 8th, 2022 at 2pm, online

What – The Content

What will be awaiting you:

  1. A small group of maximum 12 screens
  2. Yoga for screenworkers
  3. Meditation to settle in
  4. Facilitated exchange on a single topic, related to life and/or culture

How – Keeping the Space safe

Virtual Fireside Chats – exclusive online knowledge and socialising events

Our Virtual Fireside Chats are oustanding events for getting in touch with like minded people. You receive exclusive knowledge exchange in small groups plus the perfect occasion to meet geographically distant as well as in international settings. A social event design with impact, for your board members or within executive teams.

Why you want to book us

Seasonal Gathering

As season´s festivities are at the door – why not get a special present for your colleagues or board members? Of course we celebrate a warm and superbe evening with you according to the occasion. Be it Christmas, Hannukah, New Years reception or New Year´s Kick off!

Sales Incentive

Lockdown and you till need to stay in touch with your partners? Use the Markeing and Sales variant of this format for a special clients´evening.

Department´s Special Event

Keep your troupes in mood, let them make a difference, show them the power of trust, confidence and courage.

Self help kit for Brewing Conflicts

More and more, in these challenging times, different opinion cause quite some rough feelings within comunities – why not tackle them with a well facilitated dialogue plus a warm culinary experience. Wisely spoiling of souls usually results in rturning to constructive good communication.

Contact us

Send us a request via email and we put you on the list for our quarterly open Virtual Fireside Chats limited to 21 screens – Leadership Transformation at its best

Available in English, German and Italian as well as mixing these languages. Learn more…

Glad to have been part of the pilot group of this new format – we definitely enjoyed the event, could get valuable insights and had a successful get together, without flying around the globe! Thank you!

participant of the leadership Transformation – virtual fireside chat

A Taste of Us

Organic Adventure Teamevents

Our clients´ favorites are the Organic Adventure Teamevents, available in four languages. We facilitate the discovery of how to make work life easier. Your impact counts! Dare to lead differently and create a better working world by introducing a culture of humanity, humour and lightness!

Great content, cultivated with an attitude that invites curiosity, tackles active participation in self-organized and motivated learning.

Burkhard Müller, CEO New Horizons Maritime Services

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Future Skills Farming teams up with Organic Adventure!

At Future Skills Farming we believe in a deep need of leadership transformation as our world keeps changing in a crucial fast pace. Our mission is to encourage leaders to dare to create impact in present times in order to generate a future world that is worth living in!

Mission of Future Skills Farming Leadership Coaching

Organic Adventure and Future Skills Farming combine Hospitality and Edutainment

Future Skills Farming specializes, among other things, in offering edutainment for leaders who care to develop a human approach in business.

Organic Adventure delivers the conceptualization, event logistics, the IT-setting and the hospitality expertise for these edutainment formats. You can order a broad range of services: from event conceptualisation, moderation, live music to tasting packages. We specialize in accompanying symposia, online summits, as well as live tastings. Certain format we develop custom made for you: such as the farewell of colleagues, an employee honor or your own employee broadcast for geographically dispersed international teams. All that in four languages, with the appropriate tasting packages and event technology.

Online Weine verkosten

Format Development – Custommade for our Clients

The Golden Ladies of Food Blogging

The smallest wine bar of Austria, Sissis Weinbar, needed to re-define work in times of COVID19 lockdowns. First Organic Adventure developed the Online Wine Tastings. The outstanding hospitality won the A1 | Die Woche Innovation Award 2020 and the Vulkanland Innovation Award 2021.

Subsequently Karola Sakotnik und Sissi Kroneder started with live tastings on Facebook. The two Golden Ladies compare their culinary experiences: Sissi votes for the products of Steirisches Vulkanland and Karola brings comparable products from international european regions. Their fun talent and the insightful culinary knowledge is a unique combination. The series will be picked up again if a new lockdown kicks in in 2021/2022.

Selected products made it to two online shops: Food on one hand and Beverages on the other hand. Karola´s food products can be ordered here : , Sissi´s beverages on a

This service is available in German language only

We are committed to highest culinary taste from organic production. Our tastings are individually selected, we follow our preferences and interest, indipendently and we do not accept any contribution or support from producers. We needed to tackle change for our businesses, thus we invented a future fit format that values health production and great taste.

Join us for our culinary adventures and let yoursef be inspired to enjoy delicacies even in times of restricted public life.

Sissi Kroneder and Karola Sakotnik

Just get a taste of us